Interview about Reimaginings Books #AtoZChallenge

You can imagine… You can also reimagine! 😃 Both are excellent undertakings and fun activities.

Ronel the Mythmaker

R is for Reimaginings.

I know, I like to focus on my own writing adventures when I can. I’ve already told you all that two of my short stories were published in Cinderella Reimagined. And, of course, there are plenty more opportunities to come. To explain that, I did an interview with Anna Jailene Aguilar.

  1. How did the Reimaginings Anthologies come to be?

Reimaginings Anthologies, or Reiminagings Books, started with Cinderella Reimagined, thus, I would share how Cinderella Reimagined was born, although I am not sure anymore if the idea came about before or after I wrote my short story but Theresa J. Barker and I started chatting about writing our own Cinderella stories. Then, I suggested inviting fellow writers/bloggers to share their own Cinderella stories.

So, why a Cinderella story? For me, it was probably because of my love of shoes, Jimmy Choo specifically. Of course…

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Imagine – #guestpost

A guest post by one of the Cinderella Reimagined authors, Sascha Darlington. If you love music, you may be into cover tunes, like I am. For me, to hear a song I love given a fresh treatment, a different sound, is like hearing the song anew. You don’t get that with paintings. Or sculptures. Or… Continue reading Imagine – #guestpost